Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rabbit Snacks

I have a little tradition with my 3 year old Son when I take him grocery shopping. I let him choose a fruit or vegetable to take home. Usually its apples or watermelon or strawberries. With far too many additives in foods these days I'd prefer to spend a few dollars on a punnet of blueberries than on a packet of processed carbs and sugar! I like making our own biscuits at home so that Joshua doesn't get used to thinking food originates from a packet :)

I love eating fresh food too - and I think that passing that onto your kids is such a gift. This leads me to our new favourite snack. I just buy a bunch of baby carrots, chop some of the green 'tops' off (leaving some on though) and peel them. I often serve these with homemade hommous (recipe on first post) and sometimes add other veggie sticks (cucumber, celery, capsicum in different colours) and even plain rice crackers sometimes for a healthy afternoon snack.

We LOVE Rabbit Snacks in our house ---- hope you do too!!!

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