Saturday, February 27, 2010

Colour codes, baskets and labels - OH MY!!!

There are MANY things that make me happy. Those that know me well know that one of these things is when my world is all in order. By order I mean colour codes, height/ size order, labels, baskets and containers! It does something to me in a funny way when I see things ordered and organised. If I had my way the whole world would be labelled, catagorised and organised (but I have since found out not everyone shares my passion - lol).

I do love creating things like stamping, scrapbooking and sewing (got my L-plates on there though) and so leads me to tonights inspiration. I found some amazing craft rooms and storage solutions that encourage me to think about my new craft room/ office at the new house.
Like many people I practically froth at the mouth thinking about a trip to IKEA (or any container storage store) and having money to spend!!!!

However, my obsession isn't limited to craft rooms though. I love my linen press being organised like a store front and my clothes are always organised and colour coded (yes, even socks and jocks hehehe)! So where else do I go to find inspiration but none other than the world of Martha Stewart and Goodhousekeeping!!!!

I have also stumbled across a crowd on facebook called Complete Organizing Solutions who wrote an article about the cost (both time and money) of being disorganised. It reassured me that my quirkiness of being (over?)passionate about organisation is saving me both money and time! So, I am normal --- right????? :)

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