Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mexican with a twist

Well, I adapted a few recipes and made this dish about a year ago. It is now an absolute favourite of my Hubby and myself! There is a slight tang to it, so if you don't like a medium spicy flavour, this may not be for you, but if you have a led lined throat, add extra chilli to taste ;) It is a cheap meal (I served this for four guests with a homemade apple crumble and 2 course meal cost about $30 for 4 people - wooohoo) and easy - ONE POT (gotta love that)!!!!

1/2 kg of your choice of meat (I have used pork and beef, but chicken or turkey could work just as well too).
1 pkt Old elPaso Fajita Seasoning
1-2 red capsicums finely sliced (i have aslo used the 3 colour mixture which gives it good eye appeal)
1 onion (any colour will work - or use a handful of the frozen onion to save time and tears)
Hanful of fresh Corriander

1. Marinade the meat in seasoning (few hours is best, but as long as you can will do).
2. Cook the meat in saucepan in batches till all cooked.
3. Remove from pan.
4. Add the onion and capsicum to pan and cook till slightly tender.
5. Add meat back to pan and add a few tablespoonfuls of water to de-glaze and start making a sauce.
6. Add a generous bunch of Corriander right before serving.
7. Serve up on a bed of fresh Basmati Rice and sprinkle with a little Coriander to garnish.

* you could easily make this vegitarian by using mushies and eggplant instead (or just add these for more veggies into the base recipe)
* to the above recipe you could add chilli if you like really spicy food
* a sprinkle of fresh lime juice over is also nice

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