Friday, May 31, 2013

{"You Broke Mummy!" & The Spitting Cauliflower}

Ever had one of those days?

For me I occasionally have days or moments when things just go totally off the rail  crazy! I mean the moments that leave you wondering if you totally lost your sanity or if it ended up in the sink full of dirty dishes hidden carefully and skillfully under the chopping board for no-one to see. Motherhood does that to you. Occasionally.
Let me rewind.
I have had at least one sick family member requiring nursing duties over the last three weeks. Scarce a day when we are all 100%.
Needless to say I'm over sickness!

However, I always try to soldier on. School pick up done. Home remotely clean. We are on the home stretch to bed time, surely 'happy hour' will pass us by. Right????! WRONG!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{Sweet Potato Hummus : Super Food Heaven}

It's been a while since I've been on here...but I've missed my little space.
I thought I'd show you one of the new things I've added to the snack bar in our fridge and it has also been a great accompaniment to after school snacks and lunch boxes.

In my experience, kids are all about colour, variety and options (even the grown ups like this too). So, when you present a snack like this, who wouldn't love to dive in!

1. Start with raw fresh produce:
Simply cut up a variety of veggies. Take the opportunity to branch out from just carrot and celery, there's so much you can choose from. I've cut up carrots, celery, capsicum, cucumber, green beans, broccoli florets and grapes. You could also use snow peas, baby corns or even cauliflower florets. Stick to whats in season too, and you will cut down your costs massively.
2. Add some extra crunch:
I chose to add a few different crackers I had on hand and some BBQ floured corn kernels that my youngest son loves. You can choose whatever is on hand, but I usually have a packet or two of different crackers in the pantry in case I need to put together a platter at a moments notice (because that can happen quite frequently around here). 
3. Dip It Up:
This is the new hero in our family. Simply peel, cut up and steam a sweet potato (such a great superfood) and add it to the food processor next time you whip up some hummus {link here}. A few of my friends are rolling your eyes now saying 'of course you make your own' hummus. Trust me if you never have done it, try it! It is cheap, easy and if your like me, you'll never buy it again.

Lastly, I added some cheese to please the kiddies and voila! My boys and I literally devoured it!

Lauren x


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