Saturday, February 6, 2010

3D Car stickers....A fun no cost craft idea!

Joshua (3.5yrs) and I quite often wait till Daniel (8mths) is asleep and we often try to do a special activity just the two of us. I look forward to these moments - sharing "little wisdoms" over craft or cooking or just playing.

Last week we did a crafty activity that was great because it a) cost nothing and b) was played with for ages!!! We turned a sheet of car stickers into a 3D road. Josh even added in a hotel made of their imagination.

What i love about this idea is that it is adaptable to anything.....jungle animal stickers, girl people stickers, insects, trains, boats, the list is endless!!!!
All you need is some glue or sticky tape and some paper/ card. You can reuse old boxes even to make it a "green/ enviromentally consious" activity. Try it - the kids will LOVE it!

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