Monday, July 14, 2014

{"Caught You Being Good"}

Its been a while since my last post. I needed a break to handle what turned out to be a rough last portion of pregnancy and a 2 month break settling into life with our baby girl. It certainly has been a hazy few months. I have felt like this often:

I considered giving up my blog, but decided to sit on it for a while. Glad i did as now that I am coming out of "zombie-land" slowly, I have missed my little space on here. 

I recently had some great feedback from some friends when they saw my 'caught you being good' addition to our fridge recently. So, I thought I would share it on here too. My boys (8) and (5) have adjusted well to being big brothers. However, selective hearing has started to creep in here and there. Okay, there are days  when I feel like I may just be invisible and that usually drives me nuts. I found myself always on the defensive back foot saying "no" too much. Add a sleep deprived mother and I was going crazy. 
So, here is my attempt to keep things positive. I simply typed up a sheet with their name and used the off cuts to create a paper chain of 6 rings each.

Photo: The new additions to our fridge...helping us focus on the good behavior. This morning I had angels kidnap my sons and we were ready for school early! If I catch them doing something kind/ helpful/ respectful a ring comes off and when they get to the top, they get a small prize. So far so good!!! #keepingitreal

The idea is when i catch them being kind/ doing something respectful or helpful etc... a ring is removed. When they get to the top, they get a prize. I'm not talking expensive toys here, gosh no! These will be simple things like:
- 10 minutes extra bed time
- choose the Friday night movie
- choose a dinner for next week
- make cookies with mum etc...

I look forward to getting back into blog land and getting my kitchen/ crafty mojo back. In baby steps though :)

Lauren x


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