Sunday, May 27, 2012

{Devonshire Tea : A BIG success}

Well, I have been a bit busy around here lately so my posts have been quite few and far between. If I survive May and am still sane, I deserve a medal. It's been one of those crazy few weeks but its all 'fun' busy though. 
Last weekend my son's school was holding their school fair and a few Kindy Mum's offered to take over the devonshire tea stall. This was a mammoth task as we had to prep the scone dough (all 32 batches) and put them ALL in the fridge in zip lock bags on the Thursday before the fair. 
 Glad I have a double fridge so that dinner also fit in with the MANY bags :)

We even baked a gluten free batch using the same recipe for the
first time at the fair and it was actually easier than I thought. 
 The next day (Friday) we carried all the dough to the kitchen and with an army of Mums dressed in aprons and hair nets we took over the high school food tech lab. This happened to be my high school food tech lab so it was a time warp BIG TIME!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

{Mothers Day : Tea Bag Biscuits}

I have been dying to share these Mothers Day treats with you. 

{I started typing the recipe for the tart i made for dessert in this post also, but ran out of room....Pear and Ricotta Tart Recipe Coming soon}

I always love handmade gifts. They often cost a lot less and are a great way to show someone special how much they mean to you. Gifts for my mother and mother in law  this year were very simple. But it was so adorable it hit the spot perfectly!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{Soup Day Monday : French Onion}

Well, this has been the third "soup day Monday" and I have to say I am loving the challenge to think of cheap, healthy ideas. There are tonnes of ideas that I am sure could take me right through to Spring. 

This week I was inspired my Karen Martini om Better Homes and Gardens last friday night. 
The ingredients are so simple. And it was delicious. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

{Beautifully Sentimental}

Today I visited my grandmother in hospital. She is in rehab after a major procedure. So without kids, I popped in to see her before her physio appointment. I love talking to her, she is so beautiful.

On the way back, I drove past a gorgeous antique store. Annnnnnd no kids today (so I wasn't afraid of everything being left broken or touched lol!).

So I pulled off and walked in for a little window shopping.
I was transported back in time and it was pure and lovely. The music whisked you away and the beautiful antiques just seemed to kind of 'sing along'.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Soup Day Monday}

Since the weather has started cooling down, I have decided to add soup night on Monday's to our menu. Once you start looking at recipes, there is so much variation. The sky is the limit!

Last week was roasted pumpkin and that was glorious!

This week was roasted tomato soup. It actually fell on Tuesday this week cause we had leftovers to use up and that seemed wise ;) sometimes you gotta go with the flow!


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