Monday, November 28, 2011

{Making BIG Boy Rooms}

There have been some emotional moments in our house this week.

My little brother (who moved in with us earlier in the year) started a working holiday journey in UK (tear tear)!

Since we gave him Joshys room for a few months, him leaving meant I got to re-do the room suitable for a little (ok BIG) boy.
We decided to get bunk beds for him and give his 'car bed' to his 2 year old lil bro (who often snuck into that bed anyway he loved it so much).
So since we were boy-ing up the two rooms....insert sad moment # 2.
Collapsing the cot and moving that and the change table out for good. Wow that was teary....there has been a little body sleeping there for the last almost 6 years! I have found a way to do something special with that, and will show you pics when ready (yay!)

In the mean time here are some little touches we added to the boys rooms to make it more personal and boyish.

Enlisting the help of Joshy to paint the initial letters (spotlight for about $3).

The 'famous' bunk beds that we searched around for - thanks eBay! LOVED the doonas I found at target too.

The finished J with my attempt at doing one of those birth detail art works!

A world and Aussie map with destinations we have been too, where Uncle PJ lives etc.... Lots of flags wanted to be added here too!

No more cot 'little man' - hello big boy car bed (although you really can't see the car here).

And little Daniels initial and birth art too!

I had do much fun shopping around for doonas, maps and creating the art for their room. I'm almost finished....a few more touches and we will be done 100%. I would like to somehow incorporate a photo of them
and the meanings of their names into a frame....working on that one.

I can't wait to show you the other project I'm working on too....all in good time!

Lauren x

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Monday, November 21, 2011

{Family Rules Canvas}

Ages ago I did this up on my computer and I just re-opened it trying to window shop ideas to get it printed. I was thinking a canvas but was not sure where to start. Has anyone had anything large printed recently, or have some advice???

Would love your input or suggestions ;)
Lauren x

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{Homemade Ice Magic : Take1}

I found the idea - yes on pinterest I know, predictable!


I have a MAAAAJORRR thing for Ice Magic.
It. Is. A. WEAKNESS. So, I never buy it, cause it wouldn't make it out of the bottle ;)

Alas, I just HAD to give it ago to see if it were even similar to the bottled kind.
Milk Chocolate
Coconut Oil / butter (bought this at health food recently when I found out about The Blender Girl)
Pinch of salt


Most recipes state you add 50% to 100% of chocolate qty to the coconut oil qty.
So, I added about 150g of chocolate to a double boiler with 100g of coconut oil (it is solid when chilled and turns to oil when melted).
I decided the mixture was too runny, so I added the rest of the chocolate I had (another 50g - 200g total).

Even adding the extra chocolate, I still didn't think it was thick enough. Considering that, it tasted fine (slightly coco-nutty - but I didn't mind that) and it 'froze' when on the ice cream.
I placed the left overs in fridge (which will probably harden) so next time I use it I will melt in some extra chocolate, may try some dark chocolate to darken the colour and taste slightly. Not bad for attempt number 1!

Lauren x

Thursday, November 10, 2011

{Lavender & Oatmeal Eye Mask}

One of my friends birthdays is tomorrow and I have known what I was going to make her for a while. It is a simple 'nap time' project and I didn't have to buy anything, had it all on hand - winner!!!
She mentioned a while back she loved using the bean bags I had made for my youngest sons birthday gift to his guests (instead of lolly bags) on her eyes.

So I knew I wanted to make her an eye mask that you could heat or cool. Oatmeal and lavender just sounded so relaxing and soothing.

- 2 contrasting fabrics (I could have fit MANY on a fat quarter)
- Template (I just hand drew one to fit my eyes and added a seam allowance)
- Machine
- Thread
- Oats (about 1 cup - didn't really measure)
- 5 stalks of lavender dried (could use essential too)
- Scissors
- Texta or washable marker

1. Cut out a template to fit and add seam allowance.

2. Measure out onto fabric and cut out. Sew wrong sides together Leaving a gap to turn out (back stitch for strength).

3. Cut a few Triangles around edge to make sure material sits nicely and doesn't bunch. I go around and cut one side of each triangle so scissors stay at same angle and then swap (more efficient and less finicky).

4. Turn inside out, I usually use a chopstick or a pen top.

5. Iron flat:

6. Stuff full of your filling in this case the oatmeal and lavender. Make sure you leave a little room for seeing the gap and the filling to sit nicely on the face.

You can use anything for the main filler like rice, barley or cherry pits.
Any scents could include Rose petals, spices, essential oils, cinnamon, rosemary, crushed mint etc....

7. Sew up the gap and voila!

Make sure you include instructions:
To cool - Place in freezer and place on eyes once cool enough for comfort.
To heat - Place in microwave with a glass of water on turntable also, for about 1-3 minutes (depending on microwave power) and don't ever leave unattended.

I hope you enjoy this idea. It was so easy I think I might do one for me now!

Lauren x

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Almond, Veggie & Herb Dip}

Since I found
Tess from Healthy Blender Recipes I have been eating very differently. I have had some battles for a lot of my life with digestion issues, and something has clicked in me over the last few years (but more so recently) that isn't craving dairy or meat as much. I still eat it, and am not a hard core vegan/ vegetarian at all. But I am finding myself drawing more to 'plant based' foods.

I just made a dip for lunch and it was SO delicious I just had to share it. The bowl was VERY empty afterwards and I wish I had made more. As per usual when I am cooking, and not baking, I made it up as I went. But, feel free to play around with quantities and ingredients to suit your tastes.


A handful of raw almonds
A few tbls water
1/4 cup semi dried tomatoes
1/4 cup roasted eggplant
1/2 cup baby spinach leaves
Fresh parsley, coriander and basil to taste

Small squeeze of fresh lemon

1. Blend almonds and water until it makes a nutty paste and looks 'milky' in a food processor
2. add in all other ingredients and blend until a 'dip' consistency.
3. Taste and make any adjustments needed (I added a bit more lemon and some onion and olives to mine at this point).

Serve on garlic toast, with veggie sticks or on crackers :)

Lauren x

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{The PMS of Motherhood}

Being a stay at home mum with both my beautiful and active boys home basically all the time (mr 5 is at prep 2 days) is an honour and a joy but an exhausting one!

There are two types of days that commonly cross my path.
The first of which is what my day has been like today. Days like today fall into a Parenting for the Moment Seasons category (or PMS - lol ;)
These days/ seasons are where you are so caught up in the 'nowness' of the moment, and your energies are spent dealing with the immediate issues.
For me this looks like fighting over toys, the battle to eat dinner in less than an hour or put clothes on a child that loves running around nude, the 'joy' of toilet training paired with close to 10 loads of washing a week!

You know you are in this 'PMS' when you find your self counting down to nap time or bed time and usually have a coffee in your hand whilst trying to pass off Vegemite toast or some other breakfast food as dinner!

It's days like this that happen every so often that make it hard to parent for the future and realize that the little body that is testing your will right now, will be someone's wife or husband, father or mother. Taking the time to build value into our kids and teach them lessons that will shape them into their future roles is a privilege. Its something that I try to build into my boys frequently. Much like this picture below states:

When I have days loaded with 'PMS' like today it's when I am especially grateful for my amazing hubby who will send me off for a run, or pour me a bath so I can have some me time, breath and put things into perspective. That and drawing from my prayer and worship life allows me to dig deep and power through.

We are all human and bad days happen, but what I am saying is that we aren't meant to 'camp there'. So know you are not alone, that many mums parent through 'PMS' (of both kinds haha) and so we are all in this together!

Bless you;

Loz x

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