Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Meet our 3 Ladies}

Rewind a few months and it was a sunny Monday morning after Easter Sunday 2012. We decided to hit our local pet shop and start researching the idea of hens as pets.
Hubby was very excited and had to convince me to be so spontaneous and get everything we needed for our 'mini farm' on the spot. I loved the idea, but wasn't sure how we would go. It was new. And the idea of handling chickens wasn't familiar. The look on my 3 boys (big and small) was one of excitement and one of longing for our dream. Our one day property!
I jumped on board and we went home squished inside the car with a box of 3 chickens and the flat packed chicken coup. It was hilarious fitting it all in.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{The Number Car Game : Sneaky Learning}

Well, yesterday I had one of those days with my 3 year old where I bet grey hairs were getting ready to sprout and I wanted to tear every one of them out!
So. Today. New Day.
There are a tonne of things I could have done this morning, but I made the choice to focus on him today. I made up a game that he absolutely loved! Better than that, it cost me nothing and took minutes to create!

Whilst we used cars, you could use whatever you like for this (stuffed toys, dolls, a button collection, little toy farm animals etc). I am focusing on 1-20 numbers here, but again, do what your child is comfortable with (1-5, 1-10).


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