Sunday, May 2, 2010

Made By Joel - LOVE IT!!!

I came across this blog "made by joel" that is by a guy called Joel (derr) who has 2 gorgeous kids and makes lots of things for his them. I love that he sews, but his projects are simple and things I could attempt since I am on my L-Plates.
What I love about the creations he shows, are that the toys are fairly basic and let the kids imagination use them in all sorts of settings. The applications for these "kid-powered" toys are endless and want to try a few of these when I get a machine at home :)

Slotted building discs to create anything!!!

"Toy Bench" satisfies my love of simple wooden toys that can create anything and modern simplicity decorating in one!!!!

This toy zoo mat allows the kids to get out toy animals and create a world of animal fueled imagination.

These wooden cars are adorable as they all fit into the cute little tin and would provide many hours of entertainment!

I saved the best till last!!! With two boys in the house that love 'playing house' this modern house would definitley be a welcome addition to the "role play" that we do so often but without the 'tissy' pink touched synonomus with typical doll houses!!!! Must show hubby and send SUBTLE hints ;)

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