Saturday, May 1, 2010


It doesn't atter what type of craft it is - paper craft, scrapbooking, card making sewing (very new to this) or even knitting (I don't know how to, but was veeeerry tempted in spotlight the other day). I am just feeling very much like locking myself in my study/ craft room and staying there for a long time ;) Of course that isn't possible...craft time is usually found somewhere between nap time, making vegemite sandwhiches, putting band-aids on 'ouchies' and changing nappies.

Since I got my supplies out of storage, I had a card making morning and taht satisfied the craft urge. They are bad photos because I took them on my phone before I gave them away to people and realised I hadn't taken a photo yet! lol ;)

I am not sure if your the crafty type, but it is taking over my world :)))
Lauren xo

I would love a stampin' up wheel stamp, but i used flower stamp with pink ink on pink paper to create similar effect for the back ground.

I just love this blue/ grey colour against the deep red and the button with the happy birthday stamp. The little monkey was a perfect choice for a little boy birthday card.

{ p.s. Appologies for the blurry photos, will use proper camera next time! }

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