Sunday, May 9, 2010

Homemade Tea Bags

A wonderful gift idea for Mothers Day that can be tailored to your budget. I loved this idea that I think I will use it again for other occassions too!

Homemade Tea Bags.

What you need:
1. Cheesecloth or thin muslin ($4/meter at spotlight and my half meter made about 55 bags)
2. Cooking string (found in normal supermarkets)
3. Loose Leaf Tea in varieties (if you don't have this on hand in the flavour you want, you can always cut open normal tea bags).
4. Buttons or die cut shapes of paper/ fabric.
5. Presentation box


1. Wash Muslin and Dry. Cut into squares about the size of 10cm (don't have to be neat as you won't see the edges once assembled). Fill with a heaped tsp of tea.

2. Bunch up into a little parcel and tie with a length of the string

3. Cut a seperate and smaller length of string, pulling it apart into 2 thinner lengths and thread through the ribbon

4. Tie the button onto the end of the string.

5. Present in a box with the other teabags. I used a different button for each tea flavour. Then I stuck one of each colour onto the inside of the lid with double sided tape. I wrote the flavour next to it as a code to tell them apart.

The great thing You can adapt this to any budget. Why not present it with a teacup/ mug, tea bag squeezer and/ or some treats like some homemade biscuits. If you have a big bigger budget, you can play around with the presentation box too, why not try a rustic looking wooden box or something vintage looking.

Hope you enjoy
Loz x

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