Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Back in My Craft Room Today : Dust Cover for My Machine}}

Well, my poor study has been neglected a bit of late. Especially my sewing machine. I have been craving done 'quality time' with her badly! However, With all the madness of starting school, pre-school, planning hubby's 30th party and some sickness in there for all of us at different times since Chrissy too, it's been crazy!
Today I decided to dust off my machine (irony on its way) and whip up a quick project for her. Here is the dust cover that I made today. I kind of made it up as I went and was mostly happy with it. I absolutely live this fabric with bright colors that throw me back to a time when my parents grew up, but presented in a modern style. (yes, I have used it before)
I am not sure if the colour palette matches my craft room though, which is full of much softer neutrals. Her new 'outfit' certainly brightens up the room, that's for sure!
If I get inspired, I might line it with another fabric and then make it reversible too! We'll see.

Lauren x
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