Monday, February 20, 2012

{February Photo a Day : Week 2}

Week Two:
Our sun (and all weather for that matter) has been wildly unpredictable this month in Sydney. Would hate to be a weather man at the moment!

Today Daniel wanted to chill out on the front porch waiting for his big bro to get home from school. We watched the rain, played quietly and were comforted by the roasted pumpkin soup simmering on the stove.

Today was my second child-free day (preschool for little man). So I powered through the housework for the morning like a maniac....then dressed up, took myself out for lunch in one of my new favourite dresses (another Coles Max bargain!)

A quiet coffee date with my journal doing my E100, a good coffee & yummy lunch at the baron and some time to think, dream and just sit. Definitely makes me happy!

Hard to see here I guess, but my closet (wardrobe) has always been colour coded. I find if I keep my clothes neatly "filed" I save so much time getting ready. Whether I want jeans, a black top, workout gear, a red dress or white socks....I know exactly where they would be!

The blue sky above St.Mary's cathedral was SO divine today. Such a nice view to top off a beautiful trip to the city with some family to have high tea (and maybe visit Haigh's)!

Valentines Day - We look forward to LOVE DAY in our house. This was afternoon tea for my little valentines after school. This just topped off a day of hearts with heart sandwiches for lunch, pink love day smoothies for breakfast and Chicken noodle soup with heart pasta for my sick hubby. Sickness couldn't tame the love here - EVEN "man flu"! ;)

I am loving the inspiration and snippet of each day to be creative...there is going to be a march challenge too. Check it out!

Missed week 1? Check it out here!

Lauren x

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  1. Am enjoying the Photo a Day challenge, too! It's a great way to take pics of every day things that you wouldn't normally think to do...your heart pic is very cute!



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