Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{The Simple Life Calls : A Full Circle Moment}

As a very young girl (about the same age as my kids now) I had the opportunity to spend some time living in a rural suburb in a house which sat at the back of a friends property.

The driveway of that house.

We had many family friends that lived within a few streets - but in rural terms, that is a little drive away ;)

This house is spectacular and I remember visiting my mum and dad's friends here and their pet turkey. Their house was amazing and a dream kitchen for any cook that loves to entertain (can I move in now?).

I have memories of turkeys, chickens, gumboots, long driveways, letterbox 'art', motor bikes and a white horse named "Clobbo". These are very treasured years of my childhood!

I pulled over to snap a pic of this horse that reminded me of Clobbo :)

Today I was early to pick up my eldest son from school and eager to get my youngest to sleep so, I put the address in my GPS and decided to have a drive (it's in the next suburb around).
As I am driving, a lot of memories flood back.
I also loved letting my heart dream today. My hubby and I have, for many many years now, felt the need to be on property. He is a very generous person and I love how happy he gets when he can openly bless someone, and never expects anything in return!
We don't know where or when this property will come to us, but its in our heart for now. We have intentionally talked about this together for probably close to 6 years now.

This is for 2 main reasons.

We long to be self sufficient and totally 'free range' and our two active boys would just be in heaven (especially my BIG boy who longs for a mega man cave)! The other part to our dream is to have a second building we could use for others. Whether its to offer as short term accommodation for those in a tough season or a weekend away for someone who could use a 'mini holiday'.

Many chances to 'go left' as my dad would say and get dirty!

As I sat on the street I lived on for a while, I realized that that was what our friends were able to do for my family. My parents both had the same longing to do this. But I felt strongly a sense that sometimes dreams are do big that hey can't be fulfilled in one generation. My parents raised me to care about others no matter what you have.
I believe that today was a full circle moment and reinforced the longing I have had to be on property.

Oh if this gate could talk. I love that it sat lonely yet confident in the grass. It begged to tell you of a rich history of years gone by and the changes it has seen in the local surroundings!

Lauren x

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