Monday, February 6, 2012

{February Photo Challenge : Week 1}

I have been an avid reader of the beautyfull Chantelle from "Fat Mum Slim" for some time now. I watched on and observed (on Instagram) as her January Photo a Day Challenge took off like wild fire. By Feb, I was very interested to take part. What tipped me over the edge? My little baby brother who lives in London at the moment started doing it. It makes me feel like its another way that modern technology makes the distance seem much less than opposite sides of the globe!

Here is the challenge:

Here Is Week One in Summary:
Day 1: My BIG boy starting Kindergarten at his BIG School today

Day 2: Lots of words both written and spoken as Hubby and I talked through pre-school for my youngest Son.

Day 3 : My BIG boy learning the time on these Teaching Hands.

Day 4 : "STRANGER" I didn't actually see any strangers today....just my family. Couldn't think of a creative way to interpret it either lol!

Day 5 : 10am view. My normal view (love my church) vs. my reality after a crazy nights sleep thanks to this "Cheeky Monkey". We missed church today which I don't like doing, but recovery day was in order!

Day 7 : These buttons all crossed my path by 9am.....never realised lol!

p.s. Here are SOME of the MANY people taking part ;)

Lauren x

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