Thursday, February 2, 2012

{The Life of a School Mum}

Well, the last week or so has been busy and focused here. I have been shopping, labeling, cooking, baking, packing & organising. All in anticipation of our eldest son's first day of school on Wednesday this week.
He has been looking forward to this for AGES, counting down the days each morning on his chart he made. He bounced into Kindy blue on day one like he had been there for ages already.
I am so proud of him and how clever he is, he constantly teaches me, challenges me, stretches me and inspires me. He made us a family and I can't believe we are at primary school already. There are many adventures ahead and I can't wait!

I have been having fun with lunchboxes and all the bits and pieces that come with being a new school mum. I will definitely be sharing some of these ideas (especially the zucchini and bacon slice "stars" that are decorating his lunchbox in the fridge ready for tomorrow - yum!)

However I wanted to take a quick moment to suggest you read this if YOU ARE A SCHOOL MUM. Sunny Mummy is an incredible Aussie Mum who encourages mums to fight the (unattainable and potentially harmful) yummy mummy status. Even if you don't have kids or they are grown up, I Guarantee you will get something from this post of hers: "An open letter to school Mums" {click here}

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