Monday, February 20, 2012

{February Photo a Day: Week 3}

Week 3:

My phone at the moment depicts the three important men in my life. They each represent some of the best decisions I have made in my life!

My baby boy sleeping in the day - very rare! (I found out the next day we were sick and it made sense why he slept).

Today we had time in the doctors surgery, hospital and then (as shown) finally at home. I had no idea what actuall time the clock said at any point on this day (and the few surrounding it) as it was a blur of tiredness and sickness!

Tonight I (along with my mother in law and 2 of my sister in laws) celebrated my little sister's 18th. Okay she is my sister in law technically, but when I have known her since she was 4, she has become the sister I have watched grow - and since I don't have a sister from birth, I am glad I married into a family that gave me sisters!

Something I hate to do? Miss church! Thanks to being in quarantine for this little man, we had to stay at home :(

Handwriting from how what and where he writes tells me a lot about his personality!

One of my favourite photos of myself! Taken after church one day on a spontaneous road trip down to stanwell tops.....enjoying the 'scenic life' with these people I cherish more than words!

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Lauren x

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