Monday, February 27, 2012

{....and then he asked where babies come out?!?!}

I have touched on this topic before {here} but I have to say I had another moment of "PMS" today. I kinda felt a bit like this picture after today:
I know the blogging life often depicts a 'shiny facade'. I do make the choice in my life to see the glass half full. HOWEVER, there are days as a mother that just run your tank DRY! Read on and TRY not to be jealous ;)

Hubby's 30th party is this weekend so I had a few errands to run today in preparation for that. I dropped my eldest at school (just made it on time) and whilst helping him get his lunch from his school bag my youngest (a very energetic runner/ climber) ran away in a busy school yard. Again, my beautiful school mum friends scattered to search for him where I found him in a toilet cubicle stripping off to go to the toilet, screaming at me to not open the door - "DANIEL DOOOO!!!"

Once I wranggled him up I headed to the three shops to run aforementioned errands. Well, he almost literally climbed up every wall, threw a massive tantrum in two of the three shops, spilled bikkies on a shop floor and had a wrestling match to get him in the car seat at the petrol station (of all the days for the light to come on - how rude)!
Eventually I got the things I needed and headed home where I freakishly managed to convince him to have a sleep if I layed with him. I am glad he did, cause I think that was the line between me surviving today and not!
Needless to say after being tired from my cheeky monkey waking me up at 5:30 with his dirty nappy....I needed sleep. SO. WE. SLEPT.

Off in dream land, I was catapulted out of my sleep with a nightmare that it was 4:00 and I was hours late for school pick-up. I run downstairs, naked toddler in hand to realise it is 2:20. I normally leave at 2:10 latest! I shoved undies on him and hit the road. I made good time and was only about 5 mins late, but my kindy boy had a panic attack that I'd forgotten him. GREAT! I managed to calm him down by hyping up the fact that we were going to the costume shop to try on his costume for hubby's 30th on Saturday. YAY! PEACE!

In the muggy heat, I lugged them down the main street to the shop to find they were open every day except....yup, you guessed it TUESDAY!!! Well, TOTAL MELTDOWN. I mean, write an acceptance speech, clean your tux, your winning an Oscar MELTDOWN!

JEALOUS YET?!?!?! ;)

Fastforward a few hours and all is finally peaceful. I am tired and fed up. Had a beautiful dinner planned {on my menu blackboard} but the reality was three plastic plates, baked beans and scrambled eggs (both done in the microwave) on toast. DONE! I was suddenly feeling that although I would be blogging this recipe as even instagram couldn't save this monstrosity, things were good.

Whilst talking about their days together my eldest asks how his pregnant teachers' baby will come out of her tummy. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! TODAY?!?!? So, I address it as tactfully as I could.... (a 5 year old boy isn't really after all the gory details) and explained that the doctors at the hospital help. He seemed happy with that. OKAY!

****5 minute break to attend to tears from one of the monkeys falling over****

So it is 5:45, hubby is almost home, and I am glad that he understands these days that occur occasionally in my world. And is not fazed by the idea of eggs on toast for dinner, rice crackers spilled on the floor near the tv and the grace to give me time to blob before I get ready for the next day and help me to do so.

Anyone relate??? I hope it's not just me ;)

Lauren x

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