Monday, February 6, 2012

{Slow Cooker Lasagna}

Well, as my last post suggests, It has been a busy week with our eldest son starting school last week and our youngest son starting per-school today.

I wanted to be organized with meals. You see, when my boys get tired, they can get quite grumpy. Add settling into a new routine of full time kindy / preschool to the mix and it's a recipe for disaster and a week worth of 2 minute noodles for dinner in the making (I hope I am not the only one)!!!

Enter the slow cooker. I prepared my lasagna as per usual.
- meat sauce (with grated veggies)
- b├ęchamel sauce (can use ricotta for lower fat option)
- and lasagna sheets (I like the fresh ones best).

Then I simply assembled in the slow cooker as if I would with a normal dish. I made it just after lunch time and put my slow cooker on the 'keep warm' setting. It didn't need cooking, as all the parts are pre-cooked, it just warming through to cook the pasta sheets.

When I arrived home after school pick up, the house smelled divine! Simply dished up with a salad and everyone emptied their plates with big grins. Happy family = happy mummy :)

Lauren x

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