Monday, February 13, 2012

{Happy Love Day XO}

Happy LOVE Day! In our house we have been talking a lot about love this month, it all starts with our February verse :

We have talked lots about different types of love and how we express that, not just romantic love!
So my big kindy boy wanted to send a card to do some special girls in his world.
So, together we made these cards which he hand wrote messages inside for his valentines. I think it's very important that he does most of it - as it was his idea and it isn't about me giving a gift. Rather, helping him do this and then using it as an opportunity to talk about love and use it as a teachable moment....whilst he is not embarrassed about talking with mum about it lol!

1. Take a photo of your child against a backdrop that is quite plain. Show them how to make a fist and hold it up.

2. Then at home or at your local photo developer, print it off on paper or photographic paper.
Cut it out and attach it to some card to make it sturdy enough to hold the lollypop.

3. Using a craft knife, cut a slit in the card above and below their fist.

4. Slide lollypop in and write on the card. Viola, it turns a 2D card into a delicious 3D treat for someone special!!!

I have to say that the recipients were very happy to receive these and they were a BIG hit!!!

Have a great LOVE day wherever you are!

Lauren x

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