Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thai Sweet Chili Chicken Rissoles with Coconut Infused Rice

So, browsing on my iPad last night, as I do frequently, I read the latest "SuperFood Ideas" Mag. This ap is great on the iPad because of the cooking mode and video tutorials. I have actually added many recipes to our family menu from this publication. Worth checking out on your 'newsstand' ;)

I was immediately taken by the cover recipe and decided to give it a go tonight.

These were DELICIOUS and they packed a punch of flavor!!!!! Instead of salad, I boiled some rice in coconut milk and infused it with some coriander. I used absorption method and when I turned the heat off and put the lid on, I popped a small bunch of coriander on the top to steam gently into the rice!

Oh my goodness!!! Seriously try this meal, a definite hit, and now I can't wait to eat these cold on a salad for lunch tomorrow. YUM!

Lauren x

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