Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{NO Mess Golf Ball Painting}

Today after school the boys really wanted to do some painting. Since I have about 3.5 hrs after school to get home, play, dinner, bath time and then bed....painting isn't usually on the agenda.

However, they seemed extra keen and so I thought I'd try something I saw on play-school yesterday which seemed to be A LOT less messy than the inevitable finger-painting mess I envisaged.

-Sheets of paper
-1 cardboard box (large enough for paper to fit in base)
-2-4Golf Balls (this is what they used on play-school and we had many around the house after daddy's golfing trips...could probably use any other small balls or objects (experiment with what you have).
-A bowl with water and towel to wash after seen colours.

1. Place paper in bottom of box
2. Squirt dots of paint onto paper.
3. Place golf balls (or similar) into box and roll around.

We were all sitting in the grass outside together and we also closed the box up and shook it taking turns. Opening up the box once we had all shaken it was like Christmas morning with the suspense and surprise!
The boys also held a side each and rolled it back and forth. They had so much fun they didn't realize they were sharing....happily lol!

These were the results....they turned out so well. And NO mess at all!

Lauren x

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