Thursday, March 15, 2012

{Making the Most of a BBQ Chicken}

I have to say I love the taste of a BBQ chicken, that charcoal slow cooked kind of taste is just delicious. I stopped buying them though until I found that some supermarkets now sell 'lilydale free range chickens'. They are still expensive, but I bought 2 the other day at $12 each and thought I would see how many ways I could use it.

So I divided the 2 chickens into three parts. The bones, and 2 bowls of shredded chicken meat. I kept one lot of chicken fresh and put the shredded meat from the second chicken into a zip lock bag. Put the bag open into fridge first to lower temp, and then close bag taking as much air out as possible before freezing for later use.

Chicken bones:
Don't throw away the bones of the 2 chickens. Place into a sauce pan. I have one with a pasta pot so it makes draining easier. If you don't have this you could easily use a colander that fits or strain after stewing. Chill down in fridge and then scoop off any impurities and freeze stock for later use.
Use this stock as a soup base, use it to cook risottos, rice dishes, curries, stews and casseroles.

Fresh Chicken:
1. Add some mayonnaise, sour cream, dijon mustard, chopped celery, salt and pepper and turn it into some chicken sandwiches with some baby spinach on fresh rolls (use mini rolls for lunchboxes - as above).
2. Mix the above mix through some cooked pasta and chill for chicken pasta salad.
3. Add with some favourite asian fillings to create rice paper rolls or sushi.
4. Top your favourite pizza with the shredded chicken
5. Use it to create chicken taco's by mixing it up with the taco sauce and heating through.
6. Top a baked potato with the chicken and various fillings you have on hand such as onions, cheese, capsicums, tinned corn, mushrooms and avocado.

Frozen Chicken:
7. Add your chicken into a delicious leek and parmesan risotto.
8. Use your chicken stock that you made from the bones (see below) and add chicken, soy sauce, noodles, tinned corn, sweet chilli sauce (or hot if you like), shallots and sesame oil before serving for a delicious winter soup.
9. Add some indian spices (we like ground corriander, ground cummin, ground cardamom) with some fresh ginger and garlic along with some veggies to make an Indian inspired stir fry (simmer sauces can also be helpful if your not confident with these flavours).
10. Use it to make a chicken pie filling. Add some stock to a basic roux and some other veggies and bake the pie till crust is golden.
11. Make them into quesadilla's by adding some grated cheese, and baby spinach in a torilla sandwhich and toast flat topping with lime guacamole.

I have found having the bag of frozen BBQ chicken in the freezer very helpful for those busy nights that you need to 'whip something up' in a hurry.

Lauren x

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