Friday, March 30, 2012

{Easter's a comin'!}

It's no secret to my family that I love to celebrate holidays and occasions. Whether it's Christmas, Valentines or in this case Easter...I love decorating with themed touches, and sharing a meal with those we love.

I have not really done many decorations For Easter in the past, but this year I couldn't resist. It all started with inspiration from this beautiful wreath.

So, here are a few things around our house that help to add the 'festive cheer' of this very special and significant calendar date.

An Easter wreath decorates our door and I decided to choose blues to mostly colour the decorations.
-Plastic eggs ( 2 dozen each small and large which I got from spotlight). You could also use Styrofoam ones but spray method would be different.
-A wreath form (I wanted foam, but they only had cane).
-1/2m tulle in similar colour.
-Hot Glue gun
-Spray paint
-Ribbon to decorate
-Hook to hang

1. Spray your eggs. If you have plastic eggs, take them apart and I suggest you use a box to cut down on mess. (If you used Styrofoam eggs, pond a bamboo skewer through box and pop egg on inside end of it and then you can turn it to get a good coverage).
2. When dry, hot glue to the wreath form in a slightly random order.
3. Hot glue the tulle on the back and you can use it to fill any gaps.
4. Hook it onto door. I hang it over the door and put the 3M hook upside down on the inside:

Whilst I was getting the spray paint, I sneakily got some paint samples and then turned it into some 'egg bunting'. Then I decorated the table by filling my 'party light' glass candle holders with choc eggs we can eat later and set them on a mirror so it reflects the candle light!

I wonder, am I the only one that decorates for Easter? How does your family celebrate?

Lauren x

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