Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{The Old Shirt Gets A New Life}

They say that necessity is the mother of invention right?!
Whoever 'they' are ;)

Let me preface the problem by saying this. Before I got married I jokingly (ok seriously) said that "if you think your marrying someone who'll iron all your shirts and any other piece of linen lying around, you are sadly mistaken....I hate ironing and probably won't iron. Ever." Thank goodness He was trained well by my mother in law and actually can iron. He just hates it also. I digress.

Back to the problem:
He gets his shirts dry cleaned weekly and I am convinced this adds life to the shirts and our marriage also! But the pile of shirts on the floor was driving me bonkers! I needed a storage solution.

The answer:

I told hubby to choose an old shirt that doesn't fit him any more or one he wouldn't wear again and leave it on our bed before he left for work.

1. I turned shirt inside out I sewed the arm holes and bottom of the shirt (waist) closed also.
2. Then I cut off the arms
3. Turn it right side out again
4. Put it on a coat hanger and hang it on the back of the wardrobe door with a hook (I like the 3M ones for this).
5. I Undid the top button and it became a shirt hamper for his dry cleaning.

Apologies for terrible picture, as I had to close wardrobe door and stand hidden in my coats to get this pic, but you get the idea I hope ;)

So simple and there is no mistaking its purpose as its made out of what is going INSIDE (oh the power of suggestion!)

Now theres NO more shirt piles on the floor and it's a great feeling. All for a 5 minute project that it cost me nothing either, I had it all on hand ;)

Lauren x

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