Monday, March 12, 2012

{OGGI Cups}

{this is NOT a paid endorsement}

These cups caught my attention on a recent shopping trip to Victoria's Basement. I bought a blue one and a red one for my boys. At about $12 each, I was glad I only had two kids to buy for :) I wanted to get one for us too, but thought I'd trial these two and see if they worked. I have to say....


For a few main reasons these have been a great addition to our house.

FACT: They are BPA free (to read more on Bisphenol-A click here)
WHY I CARE: ummm....nnot poisoning my kids kinda seems self-explanatory ;)

FACT: They are double walled insulated.
WHY I CARE:Practically for me, this means you don't get the slippery condensation on the outside of a cold drink that makes cups slippery for little fingers.

FACT: The straw has a little 'nodule' on the bottom of it.
WHY I CARE: My adventurous almost 3 year old cant get the straw out once the lid is on making it a travel cup equaling MUCH less mess (tested many times!)

When I was out at trade secret last week, I found them for $8, so I bought a white and purple one for myself and hubby. Now we can take smoothies and other drinks in the car with a whole lot less mess than I have had in the past! WIN - WIN!

Lauren x

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