Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some wonderful blogs :)

I have got to say that I have found some very interesting blogs of late and am loving how this platform allows people to share things with such a wide audience. Check out some of these wonderful blogs and get inspired with some projects and products for your world!

{click on images for the link}

This blog is done by a dear friend of mine. She has a real knack at finding trendy things before they become trendy. Check out the green living, craftiness and lots more at 'amy jean'.

Got little ones at home???? You'll LOVE 'counting coconuts'!!!

I have used this guy before on my blog - but if you love crafty projects that are modern and simple - you'll love 'made by joel'.

This blog is wonderful and adorable - sure to inspire you. Many crafty projects gallore!!!
LOVE it!!!

Lauren x

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