Monday, June 7, 2010

Homemade Chai Tea - yum!

I have been a little bit absent in blog land for this past week. I have been busy planning and throwing my son's first birthday party. I will be showing some of the projects I was working on for in the coming posts.
Well the madness has settled after the party. My usual monday routine of folding in front of a favourite tv show has taken to a new level tonight.

Here is something I stumbled across tonight. Now I LOVE the flavour of chai tea, but I am not so fond of the powder and syrup based ones so often served at cafe's.

I have JUST made the most delicious Chai on the stovetop. I used the ideas in "My favourite chai" and "Good chai recipe" altered the recipes a little as I wasn't interested in adding the fennel seeds and I don't like the ginger tatse in this particular dish. I just used cloves, cardomom pods, cinamon stick, peppercorns, vanilla, honey, tea and milk. It was delicious!

Click here for the site and enjoy ;)

Lauren x

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