Monday, June 7, 2010

Daniels 1st Birthday "Twinkle Twinkle" Party - Part Three

Why should the kids be the only ones who have the fun right??? So, I made the adults their own party favours. I made normal vanilla biscuits and tinted fondant icing a gentle shade of yellow. Then I packaged the star biscuits in cello bags and cardboard toppers just made it look so much cuter!

* Bake biscuits and let cool.
* Using food prep gloves, put some food colouring drops into fondant icing and massage through with hands untill you get the colour you can always add more colour, so do it slowly.
* Using icing mixture, roll out with rolling pin and use the same cookie cutter shape to cut out the icing shape.
* With pastry brush, dip lightly in water and brush a little water onto biscuit and place icing onto biscuit.
* Using your fingers, smooth edges and set aside to dry.
* Then I came across the cello bags to fit and measured cardstock to fit into a topper. Then to hide the staples, I punched stars in contrasting colour using punches from Stampin' Up.

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