Monday, June 28, 2010

Product Reviews ::: Interior Decorating for Kids

I have been a bit obsessed with interior design ideas for the boys bedrooms and the playroom in the new house (about 4 months to go - excited much?!?!!?). I have found some really cool ideas and I wanted to share some of therm with you. I will try to include some girls things too, but I am naturally drawn to the boys things obviously!

I love Supprting Aussie Buisness....So, check out Mini Me Designs (an awesome QLD based company) on the web and on facebook for some delightful canvases/ plaques. I just love their animal images - gorgeous!!!

You can find Designer Mum here and find some wonderful 'kid style'

They put together some decorator packs which is a cool idea....
....but my pick from this website is the birth details plaque that is a nice, neat modern way of displaying the moment your precious bundle came into the world!!! LOVE it!!

If you love buying product online from Australian Small buisnesses that are run by Working at home parents, then a wonderful directory of all things including decorating supplies can be found here at Support A Working At Home Parent network (Support a WAHP). They have a website with a directory and a facebook page too.

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