Monday, June 21, 2010

Homemade Pizza Dough

I have re-discovered recently how easy and fun it is to make pizza dough. I have made it with the kids and they loved it! I even had a couple over for a dinner party and I used this recipe to create a homemade pizza bar for them - it was a HUGE HIT. As they arrived, they were greeted with me rolling dough and 12 bowls lined up on the bench filled with various toppings from cheese, herbs, salami, capsicums, olives, fetta, potato etc...Whilst it was baking we enjoyed a galss of wine and appetizers. Delsih!
This is another stellar recipe from the team at taste. I chose this great pizza dough recipe as its cheap and easy. Its worked every time for me so far....I hope you try this one (please tell me if you enjoyed the recipe as much as we did).

Lauren x

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