Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{School Holidays Ideas : Photo Chase/ Nature Walk}

Well, in NSW we are about to embark on a few weeks of school holidays. I love holidays! I love getting to hang out with my big boy, I miss him so much at school and I love not having to have the 'leave the house by 8' deadline for a change and planning fun activities. The special thing about this year is that it is my first year of 'official' school holidays and I also get two days a week just with my big boy.

Here are two things I have planned for the next few weeks.

Idea One : Photo Chase
I probably would do this more with the older kids, my 2 year old wouldn't have the patience for this one. This could fun in a variety of ways. If your family has two cars, split the siblings up or just wrangle another family to play along. You could also do it in a more Eco friendly manner and walk instead ;) Print off a sheet per 'team' and then get snapping. I love the idea of the kids taking photos and seeing what they come up with.
Here is an idea of a list you could use for the photo chase:

These photos would be fascinating from the kids perspective.
- I can just see them all coming back to the house and then both teams sharing their photos together. The digital age makes that very easy to do by powerpoint, airplay (apple tv) or similar. - You could always print them off and create a photo chase art gallery!
- Ask them to write a creative story about their favourite photo(s)

Idea Two: Nature Walk

I have to admit, the first idea I would do just with my big boy. But this one my little 2 year old would LOVE! I plan to print this off and glue it to a paper bag (like the gift bags with handles). Then they can carry their bag around and pop their treasures into it. This could be done at the park or whilst on a bush walk to add a fitness element to the activity.

- Make a nature walk collage
- Do texture rubbings with paper and a crayon
- Use the twig as a 'rod' and create a nature mobile
- Use them to create 'fossils' into playdough or air drying clay

The wonderful thing about these types of activities is that they are learning, exploring and creating all in the outside world and they don't really realise, as they are having too much fun to notice. These ideas will be on our list. Feel free to use the pictures, or use them as inspiration and tailor them to your area more.

Lauren x

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