Thursday, April 12, 2012

{Fashion Diaries}

A little while while ago, I heard Coles supermarkets were starting a clothing line. Like many of you who heard, I was VERY skeptical!

I am lucky enough to have two Coles nearby that stock the Mix range and to my surprise, I have actually quite taken to it. Every piece of mix clothing I wear out, I get a comment on (not kidding)! The amount of times I have watched that look of shock as I explain this dress was $15 or this singlet was $5 from Coles, I've lost count.

There are 'real bloggers' who have actually been recruited as a part of their marketing strategy which I think is brilliant. So click here to find more about this (I was stoked to find out 2 of my favourite bloggers Kelly and Naomi were a part of this!)
People are waking up to the power of 'mummy bloggers' as I have heard it called before and it's about time! It can be much more than an online journal (Eden's recent trip with world vision to Niger is a GREAT example!)

So, here are some of my recent purchases that I pulled out of the ironing basket....(ironing?!?! That was almost believable hahaha)...I mean my wardrobe to show to you what I love about Mix!

These have been super fun in summer with denim skirts, jeans or white cotton skirts in my wardrobe already.

These skirts are gorgeous and comfy. I love the navy ruffled skirt, with a plain white T tucked in, add some white canvas flats and some funky accessories and your good to go!

Everyone should have a new crisp white collared shirt in their wardrobe, it looks stunning simply put with jeans. Or as I did today, wore it with a red vest, black mini skirt and long socks/ boots. Cute!
The gingham check shirt is not my usual style, but I have worn it a few times - and for $5 I thought I'd enjoy playing round with a funky 'barnyard look'.

These dresses have had A LOT of wear through summer. Paired with neutral ballet flats or strappy heels and some earthy bracelets and long necklaces, LOVE!

If I learned one thing from Trinny and Susannah, it was wrap dresses make any figure look amazing! This is s great Autumn piece as it allows you to wear with flats in the warm or pair with a jacket and boots in the cooler coming months. I had been searching for one like this for ages, who knew I'd find it next to the bread and potatoes lol!

These have been dressed up with waist belts and black heels for an evening look worth far more than what I paid! ;)

This jumper is so wearable in autumn as it transitions frying winter. It's warm but with 3/4 sleeves it's perfect for sunny but cooler days!
Don't even start me on the PJ pants, they are the most heavenly fabric!

(Not all Coles stores stock this range, so check here for stockists) and the best thing (which may be what Coles are banking on) is it goes onto the grocery budget lol!

Lauren x

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