Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{The powerhouse & the FLU monster!}

At the end of last week I took my big boy on a surprise adventure trip. He didn't know where we were going and all he knew was that we were catching a train (which is a huge novelty). It was just my big boy and I and Jr was at preschool (strategical choice of days for this outing).

I put together a folder of fun little puzzles, games and activities for the train trip. Some of these were a HUGE hit and will have to share soon!
The Powerhouse Museum is located in Ultimo Sydney {click here for details}. We took a train to central and then walked there slowly enjoying the beautiful weather and sights along the way.

Then we arrived at our destination and he was excited to explore. My big Kindy boy is always very hungry to discover new things and this has mainly been in the area of books and reading so far. However, he is quickly becoming fascinated with all things science, space, transport and experiments. The powerhouse was a great choice for a school holiday outing.

The current wiggles exhibition is (like everything else they do) incredibly well put together! It is very interactive, houses memorabilia from their vast 20 years of contributions to the Aussie music landscape. There is something for all ages in there. My big boy will say he doesn't like wiggles anymore, but this was one of his favourite parts of the day! 

Towards the end of the trip I saw an exhibition called love lace that I will write about separately {click here} that I wish I had more energy to see, but I was feeling quite sore and tired. I didn't understand it until I got home and it turns out I was hit with a massive flu that lasted for days. This is why I haven't posted this yet. 
After the museum I picked up Jr from preschool, got home and collected eggs from the chickens, hopped in the shower while the boys were in the bath and soothed the muscles. The I hung out on the couch as the temperature rose and the chills multiplied. Until hubby could rescue me from doing dinner and let me sleep. Jr fixed himself a nutritious dinner of marshmallows and chips whilst Mr 5 was in control of the movie remote. Jr covered my feet in "bend-ends" (baind-aids) which are his thing at the moment. As he (sat but naked) emptied multiple dollars of them onto us both, I seriously didn't care as it was the closest thing I got to a foot rub which I needed. Thank goodness I am feeling better now! THE. FLU. SUXXX! 

I seriously recommend the POWERHOUSE for school kids, especially if you want to encourage or inspire a love of all things science, environment, wiggles or whatever other cool exhibitions are on (narnia coming soon - your welcome ;)

Lauren x

Did you do anything fun these school holidays???   

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