Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{Confessions of a Handbag: Reclaimimng My Bag Pt 1}

Recently I was at a women's event at church and we played the handbag game. You know the one where someone calls out a list of items 'typicaly' found in a handbag and the woman with the most items wins a prize? 

Wake-up Call!

Had the list comprised of the following I would have won. HANDS DOWN!!!
- a soggy apple core from the car trip that night (or the day before if I am being 100% honest)
- some loose sultanas
- a pair of my sons shoes (that don't even fit him any more)
- a speciman jar with some sort of gel (to numb the throat - from my son's hospital visit the week before....I know right!)
- a few soggy receipts from said apple core above
- phone case with credit cards and license (the only amount of 'normalcy' I found in there)
Ever since that night I have been on a mission to "RECLAIM MY HANDBAG". My youngest boy is now almost 3 and I don't need any of the typical 'baby' items any more and so - it is time!

I had some fabric I fell in love with on a (not so rare) trip to spotlight ages ago and I knew it was perfect for this project.
 So I made some simple zippered bags with fabric that suits the contents. This one is full of my kids' stuff. This is my boundary. This is the LIMIT. If it doesn't fit inhere, it doesn't go into the handbag! Simple! But I have enough things in here to keep us entertained and be prepared for everything from at a coffee date to a delay in a doctors surgery (anyone else grossed out by toys in a waiting room of a GP? ewww)

1 x Car mat (more details here)
1 x Travel Chalk board mat (bought from Kaboodle at a local craft market)
Long life snack like sultanans (sometimes I have biscuits also)
Notepad with crayons or pencils
A shoelace with some bright threading buttons ('santa' got these from Big W in the craft department for a few $$'s)
2 x dinosaurs
1x plane (boys are plane obsessed especially since daddy has been learning to fly)
1 fisher price person

So, this is part 1 of my "PROJECT HANDBAG". I can''t wait to show you Part 2! 

Hopefully your handbag isn't as bad as mine was! Regardless of whether you sew bags, or you buy some little bags, organising your handbag is such a great idea. I have felt so much better since I started this and I promised myself a new handbag when I finished organising the contents as a reward (ssshh....hubby don't read that part ;)

What's the weirdest thing you've ever found in your handbag?

Lauren x

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