Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{Happy Easter Cake Pops}

Well, I wanted to say thank you to some very special teachers and friends that are a blessing to my boys.

This was the kind of activity that I did most of the prep for myself. Had my kids been slightly older, they could have helped with more than pouring the sprinkles on. But I just loved these do much, and was very happy with how they turned out!

If you need more detailed steps, click here for a good tutorial.

Basically it's done in less than 10 steps:

1. Mix cake and frosting into a gooey mess (I used 2x Coles sponge cakes and a Betty Crocker vanilla frosting). I could have easily made, but didn't have time to let cake cool.
2. Shape into egg shapes. Could do this free hand or I used a plastic tray that Easter eggs from shops sit in as a mold.
3. Refrigerate
4. Melt chocolate
5. Get Lolly sticks ready. I ended up using bamboo skewers cut to size as I had them on hand
6. Dip stick into chocolate and then stick into the cake egg and wait to set (this helps glue it in, you could pop into fridge for a minute if needed).
7. Dip into chocolate to cover.
8. Decorate. Some I covered all in sprinkles at this point. For others, I popped the rest of the white chocolate into a ziplock bag and piped some random designs onto them before 'sprinkling' or decorating with other mini lollies!

tips: after step 7 once you have waited for excess to drip off properly and it is ready to dry, stick into Styrofoam or a cardboard box to hold upright. This is very helpful if you want to avoid a 'flat side' by laying it down on your tray straight away ;)

These were a huge hit and I think I will make another batch for some more gifts tomorrow, along with the traditional hot cross buns of course! Yum!!!

Lauren x

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