Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{The PMS of Motherhood}

Being a stay at home mum with both my beautiful and active boys home basically all the time (mr 5 is at prep 2 days) is an honour and a joy but an exhausting one!

There are two types of days that commonly cross my path.
The first of which is what my day has been like today. Days like today fall into a Parenting for the Moment Seasons category (or PMS - lol ;)
These days/ seasons are where you are so caught up in the 'nowness' of the moment, and your energies are spent dealing with the immediate issues.
For me this looks like fighting over toys, the battle to eat dinner in less than an hour or put clothes on a child that loves running around nude, the 'joy' of toilet training paired with close to 10 loads of washing a week!

You know you are in this 'PMS' when you find your self counting down to nap time or bed time and usually have a coffee in your hand whilst trying to pass off Vegemite toast or some other breakfast food as dinner!

It's days like this that happen every so often that make it hard to parent for the future and realize that the little body that is testing your will right now, will be someone's wife or husband, father or mother. Taking the time to build value into our kids and teach them lessons that will shape them into their future roles is a privilege. Its something that I try to build into my boys frequently. Much like this picture below states:

When I have days loaded with 'PMS' like today it's when I am especially grateful for my amazing hubby who will send me off for a run, or pour me a bath so I can have some me time, breath and put things into perspective. That and drawing from my prayer and worship life allows me to dig deep and power through.

We are all human and bad days happen, but what I am saying is that we aren't meant to 'camp there'. So know you are not alone, that many mums parent through 'PMS' (of both kinds haha) and so we are all in this together!

Bless you;

Loz x

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  1. Hi Lauren, I've just come across your blog, and this post so resonates with me! I have three little boys five and under, and feel a bit like I'm in a constant PMS lately! It's so important to get that perspective - that these little (and sometimes annoying) people will grow to be men and we have a say in how they turn out! Thanks for the reminder!
    Tam xx



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