Monday, November 28, 2011

{Making BIG Boy Rooms}

There have been some emotional moments in our house this week.

My little brother (who moved in with us earlier in the year) started a working holiday journey in UK (tear tear)!

Since we gave him Joshys room for a few months, him leaving meant I got to re-do the room suitable for a little (ok BIG) boy.
We decided to get bunk beds for him and give his 'car bed' to his 2 year old lil bro (who often snuck into that bed anyway he loved it so much).
So since we were boy-ing up the two rooms....insert sad moment # 2.
Collapsing the cot and moving that and the change table out for good. Wow that was teary....there has been a little body sleeping there for the last almost 6 years! I have found a way to do something special with that, and will show you pics when ready (yay!)

In the mean time here are some little touches we added to the boys rooms to make it more personal and boyish.

Enlisting the help of Joshy to paint the initial letters (spotlight for about $3).

The 'famous' bunk beds that we searched around for - thanks eBay! LOVED the doonas I found at target too.

The finished J with my attempt at doing one of those birth detail art works!

A world and Aussie map with destinations we have been too, where Uncle PJ lives etc.... Lots of flags wanted to be added here too!

No more cot 'little man' - hello big boy car bed (although you really can't see the car here).

And little Daniels initial and birth art too!

I had do much fun shopping around for doonas, maps and creating the art for their room. I'm almost finished....a few more touches and we will be done 100%. I would like to somehow incorporate a photo of them
and the meanings of their names into a frame....working on that one.

I can't wait to show you the other project I'm working on too....all in good time!

Lauren x

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