Thursday, November 10, 2011

{Lavender & Oatmeal Eye Mask}

One of my friends birthdays is tomorrow and I have known what I was going to make her for a while. It is a simple 'nap time' project and I didn't have to buy anything, had it all on hand - winner!!!
She mentioned a while back she loved using the bean bags I had made for my youngest sons birthday gift to his guests (instead of lolly bags) on her eyes.

So I knew I wanted to make her an eye mask that you could heat or cool. Oatmeal and lavender just sounded so relaxing and soothing.

- 2 contrasting fabrics (I could have fit MANY on a fat quarter)
- Template (I just hand drew one to fit my eyes and added a seam allowance)
- Machine
- Thread
- Oats (about 1 cup - didn't really measure)
- 5 stalks of lavender dried (could use essential too)
- Scissors
- Texta or washable marker

1. Cut out a template to fit and add seam allowance.

2. Measure out onto fabric and cut out. Sew wrong sides together Leaving a gap to turn out (back stitch for strength).

3. Cut a few Triangles around edge to make sure material sits nicely and doesn't bunch. I go around and cut one side of each triangle so scissors stay at same angle and then swap (more efficient and less finicky).

4. Turn inside out, I usually use a chopstick or a pen top.

5. Iron flat:

6. Stuff full of your filling in this case the oatmeal and lavender. Make sure you leave a little room for seeing the gap and the filling to sit nicely on the face.

You can use anything for the main filler like rice, barley or cherry pits.
Any scents could include Rose petals, spices, essential oils, cinnamon, rosemary, crushed mint etc....

7. Sew up the gap and voila!

Make sure you include instructions:
To cool - Place in freezer and place on eyes once cool enough for comfort.
To heat - Place in microwave with a glass of water on turntable also, for about 1-3 minutes (depending on microwave power) and don't ever leave unattended.

I hope you enjoy this idea. It was so easy I think I might do one for me now!

Lauren x

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