Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Almond, Veggie & Herb Dip}

Since I found
Tess from Healthy Blender Recipes I have been eating very differently. I have had some battles for a lot of my life with digestion issues, and something has clicked in me over the last few years (but more so recently) that isn't craving dairy or meat as much. I still eat it, and am not a hard core vegan/ vegetarian at all. But I am finding myself drawing more to 'plant based' foods.

I just made a dip for lunch and it was SO delicious I just had to share it. The bowl was VERY empty afterwards and I wish I had made more. As per usual when I am cooking, and not baking, I made it up as I went. But, feel free to play around with quantities and ingredients to suit your tastes.


A handful of raw almonds
A few tbls water
1/4 cup semi dried tomatoes
1/4 cup roasted eggplant
1/2 cup baby spinach leaves
Fresh parsley, coriander and basil to taste

Small squeeze of fresh lemon

1. Blend almonds and water until it makes a nutty paste and looks 'milky' in a food processor
2. add in all other ingredients and blend until a 'dip' consistency.
3. Taste and make any adjustments needed (I added a bit more lemon and some onion and olives to mine at this point).

Serve on garlic toast, with veggie sticks or on crackers :)

Lauren x

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