Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{Homemade Ice Magic : Take1}

I found the idea - yes on pinterest I know, predictable!


I have a MAAAAJORRR thing for Ice Magic.
It. Is. A. WEAKNESS. So, I never buy it, cause it wouldn't make it out of the bottle ;)

Alas, I just HAD to give it ago to see if it were even similar to the bottled kind.
Milk Chocolate
Coconut Oil / butter (bought this at health food recently when I found out about The Blender Girl)
Pinch of salt


Most recipes state you add 50% to 100% of chocolate qty to the coconut oil qty.
So, I added about 150g of chocolate to a double boiler with 100g of coconut oil (it is solid when chilled and turns to oil when melted).
I decided the mixture was too runny, so I added the rest of the chocolate I had (another 50g - 200g total).

Even adding the extra chocolate, I still didn't think it was thick enough. Considering that, it tasted fine (slightly coco-nutty - but I didn't mind that) and it 'froze' when on the ice cream.
I placed the left overs in fridge (which will probably harden) so next time I use it I will melt in some extra chocolate, may try some dark chocolate to darken the colour and taste slightly. Not bad for attempt number 1!

Lauren x

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