Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Blue & White Dessert Table}

For those that know me, I love baking, I love entertaining and I love being crafty. So, last weekend we were hosting a bbq lunch for some amazing people in our world and I got to combine the three.

It was a big and emotional celebration day and I wanted to make it as special for everyone as I could.
So, I had a salad table (din't get a photo of this unfortunaley) inside which looked so lovely.

My draws I had bought the previous day were filled with condiments, cutlery and napkins and the white platters of salad were placed around a big basket overflowing with bread rolls. We all sat along a massively looooong 'banquet style' table outside and the kids played in the backyard and ate on picnic rugs. Just lovely!

My favourite touch of the whole day was my first dessert table. I have long been an admirer of photos of this phenomonen since I first layed eyes on the beautiful creations by Amy Atlas quite some time ago.

So, without her budget, trimmings and juggling two kids...I put together the following (not bad in my opinion).....

I made these tissue paper pom poms that I have fallen in love with. They were outside too to carry on the theme. Cute!

Marshmallow pops - covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with blue crystalised sugar.

(back) is a modern take on the classic red velvet cupcakes - a blue velvet cake. It was two layers of blue inside with cream cheese icing in between and on the outside. The decoration on the top is a mini bunting garland handmade from scrapbooking off cuts.
(front) a New York baked cheesecake with blueberry compote

(back) Caramel popcorn in patty pans
(front) Chocolate Cake Pops - mud cake balls with lollypop sticks, frozen, dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with the blue crystalised sugar.

Milk bottles and blue clouds in lolly 'vases'.

The best handmade baklava we bought on the way home from our
treasure hunt the day before.

So, feeling like hitting the gym just revisiting these photos ;)

This was such a hit with the guests and I am just glad we have a double fridge in our new place. Because it was FUUUULLL!!!

Lauren x

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