Friday, July 15, 2011

{A Nap Time Sewing Project} Handbag for a princess

My little Mr 5 has a party to go to on Sunday for a little girl whom he quite likes and they go to prep school together. Actually they first met when they were in Mum's group at 6 week old's and they re-met this year.

So, I had some fabric laying around and wanted to make her something special. I have been looking for a nice handbag pattern for ages and when I found this one, I just knew it would turn the fabric into a perfect gift for his little 'girl' friend.

I first stumbled on Made By Rae when she started a theme on her blog called "Celebrate the Boy" a sometimes crafty Mum of two boys, I was very interested! So I printed off her pattern for this Buttercup Bag and started cutting. It was a very easy pattern to follow and the steps and diagrams make this very easy! Here are some photos of the finished project. I also bought some more fabric today so I can re-make it for me ;)

Lauren x

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