Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Old But New}

I have always loved visiting op-shops, garage sales and the like. I think it stemmed from scouting around "coucil kerb-sides for treasure" with my family as a kid. There is something SO spiritual about finding something that is about to be discarded and rescuing it and giving it a new life. I love mixing items taht are old with the new. I love things that look like they tell a story from a previous life (even though this isn't always known to you).

So, when I took my hubby, kids, dad and one of my brothers along for a 'treasure hunt' last weekend the excitement was palpable! We went to Reverse garbage in Sydney and the thing about these kinds of places is that you never know what's in stock...so thats half the fun! We came away with a few little nick knacks each. I snapped up some gorgeous fabric scraps.
On the way out we spotted a place called The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre.
We thought we would give it a go. It was amazing. Everything from old tools, wooden chests, old suitcases, sewing machines, books, jewellery - even a kitchen sink!

Here is a few pictures of the old drawers I got from The Bower and the fabric from reverse garbage. I turned some of the fabric into a decorated soft drink bottle vase and the drawers became cutlery and condiment holders for a BBQ the next day.

Reverse garbage and The bower are on facebook too, so check them out too!

Lauren x

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