Sunday, July 24, 2011

{Thanks Bobbi Brown}

Well, first post from my phone thanks to the BlogPress Ap so I hope it turns out!

I love shopping, I really do. Preferably without children in toe and money to spend! BUT the one type of shopping I have always hated but secretly wished was much easier was shopping for cosmetics!
I have an uncanny knack of choosing a color (particularly foundation) that i think looks good under the fluro lights in store. Then when I get into 'normal light' it looks horrid.

Knowing this, hubby treated me with an hour with a Bobbi Brown makeover where I got the chance to soak up Lisa's vast knowledge (from Castle Towers David Jones Bobbi Brown counter).

I am now a definite Bobbi Brown convert. The colours, textures and look of her cosmetics and brushes are definitely worth the price tag!
Hubby then treated me with some of the products I had tried. My favorite (very hard to choose) is the concealer, and the skin foundation which feels like silk but gives great coverage. I finally don't feel like I have to wear a 'mask' to get good coverage. I am loving the product and there is more I want for sure!

Thanks Bobbi Brown for turning this CHORE into a pleasant experience!!

Lauren x

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