Sunday, October 17, 2010

Music Monday - New Tunes by Andrew Belle

Well, I have been a little slow on the posting front of late. It is all because I have 2 BIG craft projects I am working on (which I can't wait to share later) but it is taking up a lot of my 'free' time.

Today I wanted to share an Artist that my husband and I have been listening too for the last couple of weeks. His name is Andrew Belle and I love his sound. It's reminds me a bit of The Fray, ColdPlay etc....
I started listening to the music and thought there was one particular song "Make it without you" that would be in an awesome soudntrack to a TV show or a movie playing in a pivitol scene. Then when 'youtubing' to find a clip to put on here, I found out that that song was on an episode of Grey's (which is probably where I got the idea from in the first place - lol).

Check out his website and some of his album "The Ladder" - it's a great album!

Lauren x

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