Thursday, March 11, 2010

Product Review : Cooks Pocketbook Companion

I recieved a book for my birthday from my darling brothers that just is nothing like I have ever seen before! It is a cookbook with a difference thats for sure.
It makes a great gift for someone that loves cooking and food (Male or Female). It baisically is tonnes of bite sized bit about everything and anything to do with food!
It covers (in tiny snippets) interesting facts about food, history of foods and interesting people that influenced the world of food in some way, how food has changed over the years and SOOO much more.

Some facts include :
* Largest bunch of bananas was grown in Canary Islands, 2001.
* The cocoa tree was so valuable that the seeds were used as currency. A slave cost around 100 cocoa beans, and the services of a 'public woman' cost 10 cocoa beans - the same as a rabbit.
* Do not pass food from one chopstick to chopstick; this is only done with the bones of the creamated body at funerals.
* Geumatophobia = a fear of taste
* For evert dollar that the World health Organisation spends on trying to improve the diets of people across the globe, approx US$500 is spent by the food industry worldwide on promoting processed foods.

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