Friday, March 5, 2010

Displaying Children's Art

I am sure I am not the only parent that ends up with so many origional, one off art-works from the kids! So i have started filing them in display folders labelling the dates/ and any notes on them so they pack away nicley. However I do enjoy showing some of it off, but being a modern neat freak, the idea of endless scrap paper with a mish mash of designs covering EVERY wall makes me cringe a little. Then I cam across this genious idea from Sarah
Jane's blog entitled "making an art gallery".
What a great idea!!! She did some finger painting art and then bought a few ikea frames and created an art gallery to display it with a difference.

There are two different ways you could do this that I see:

1. You could cut out the shape/ animal/ design from the dry painting and glue it on backing board.
2. Go to a framing or scrapbooking type place and get them to di-cut the shape into the monuting board and place over the full painting giving similar effect.

Either way - I love the unique and classy way she found to store and showcase some special paintings. Definitley trying this one!

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