Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chicken Burgers - Mmmmmm!

Tonight for dinner planned to make chicken burgers for dinner and it was such a winner! It fed three adults and a preschooler all from 1 double chicken breast fillet!
I made it up as I went, so I will do the best to recall the 'recipe'.

In a food processer I blitzed up 1 double chicken breast, a tablespoon(ish) of each ground cumin, ground corriander and garam masala. Also add 1-2 cloves garlic, a handful of fresh corriander, and 2 slices of bread. Combine in processer and make into rissole patties and fry off and keep in warm oven.

Then melt some butter and combine with garlic. brush onto some bread rolls and put in oven untill crisp. [I used seeded rolls and hollowed out to cut down carbs and make it easier to 'hold' the fillings].
Once the rolls are toasted, place the chicken patty on the roll.

Mix some mayo and sweet chilli sauce and place on top of patty and sprinkle with fresh corriander and serve.
YUMMM!!!! I am sure there are variations on this that could change this, but we loved it as a base recipe.

Variation ideas:

* add some chilli, ginger and/or red onion to the chicken mix
* before serving put some thinly sliced carrot and/or cucumber on the bun

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